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Lending you and your loved ones a helping hand

Inevitably, you are so occupied with your hectic schedules. With that being said, you will find it hard to balance everything all at once. Your kids, your spouse, your house, and even taking good care of your senior loved ones can already get too hard to juggle altogether. With supportive services, not only your loved one’s health will be attended but also yours and the rest of the household. Our caregivers are up and about on assisting you. Here is a list of the services we offer under the supportive services:

  • Utility Assistance
    We understand how it can get hard for your senior loved ones to pay bills all on their own or that they even perform the cleaning of the utility. It is both safe and better for a well-trained professional to be at your service regarding these specific needs. By getting your loved one a companion, they will surely feel both secure and loved. Our caregivers can assist your loved ones with paying electric and water bills, subscriptions, constructions, maintenance, and many more.
  • Medication and Medical / Dental Copay Assistance
    Our caregivers provide assistance in attending to your medication, medical, and dental billing. We completely understand that there are instances where you or your loved ones have difficulties paying the copays for their medical or dental services.
  • Food Assistance
    Here at Quality Assurance Supportive Services, INC, we provide you the food assistance service you need. It is for you to have the good and healthy benefits of the food you consume and for you to save money. With the food vouchers being provided, your loved ones will be given the opportunity to enjoy both affordable and healthy food. We want to promote the prevention of hunger, malnutrition, and food security for our clients.
  • Health Education
    Being well-equipped with knowledge about your and your loved ones’ health can be very helpful when it comes to attending to their healthcare needs. We at Quality Assurance Supportive Services, INC are dedicated to educating our clients regarding their health to prevent numerous diseases and promoting good health.
  • Housing Assistance
    We want what is beneficial for our clients. That is why, here at Quality Assurance Supportive Services, INC, we want to assist our clients by finding safe, conducive, and affordable homes at a lower cost, most especially to the elderly and the disabled. This way, you or your loved ones will get to enjoy the life that you deserve through housing assistance.

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Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to address, educate, coordinate, and provide care, aid and relief to the elderly and disabled all under one umbrella. [ About Us ]