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Common Signs of Poor Nutrition in Seniors

Senior citizens should carefully consider their eating habits and diet at home. Poor nutrition can provide many adverse effects. Notable examples include increasing the risk of dementia, depression, stress, heart disease, and mobility issues. Healthy eating habits are so essential that many care providers like our elderly care in Florissant, Missouri, and In-home Services in Jefferson County provide meal preparation services to promote healthy eating. A few signs of poor nutrition in aging adults to look out for and consider include:

  • Unplanned Weight Loss
    When the body does not get enough nutrients from meals, it may start to pull nutrients from the other parts of the body, resulting in weight loss and nutrient deficiencies. Our home care services in Missouri can help seniors with weight management and diet at home.
  • Lethargy, Fatigue, and Low Energy Levels
    Nutrient-dense meals provide the body with the fuel it needs to function normally. Restricting nutrient and caloric intake forces the body to run on energy reserves, increasing the risk of fatigue and lethargy if not replenished on time. We can help Seniors in St. Charles County with meal preparation and eating to help ensure that they have enough energy every day to function comfortably.
  • Poor or Slow Healing
    Nutrient deficiencies hold back the normal process of wound healing. It also weakens the immune system, increasing the time it takes for the body to heal itself and increasing the risk of infections.

Poor nutrition increases the risk of age-related issues and chronic illness, hampering independence and comfort in seniors. Quality Assurance Services provides Consumer Directed Services to help seniors remain healthy and happy at home with services like mealtime assistance and more. Call us at 314-921-9498 for more information.

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