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Respite Care is Beneficial for Seniors and Caregivers


In providing elderly care in Florissant, Missouri, some families often look within their circle. They assign a family member who can assist their senior loved one in their needs. Most of the time, these family caregivers are unprepared for the unexpected role of caregiving. Like any other job, they also need a break from care. While providers of home care services in Missouri are patient-directed, respite care is perfect for the family caregiver because of the following:

  • They get rest from care, which gives them time to regain their energy resulting in better care.
  • Getting a break is an opportunity to give them time to attend to their unattended needs.
  • Respite care prevents them from experiencing burnout.
  • They can also learn from professional and trained caregivers handling seniors in St. Charles County.

While respite care is designed to give caregivers a break, it also benefits the recipient of care. They are cared for by experienced personal care attendants in senior living. They receive constant supervision and companionship in the absence of the primary caregiver.

Quality Assurance Services assures you that we treat your loved ones like they are our own through our in-home care, supportive, and consumer-directed services. We assign them to caregivers who they can relate and feel comfortable with. If you need one now, talk to us.

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